StaySafeMobile Features

StaySafeMobile Features

StaySafeMobile Features

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Works at Home or On-The-Go!

Cellular service powered by a nationwide cellular network
2-way voice loud clear 2- way communication quality
There’s no need to hold it to your ear or mouth!

Fall Detection at Home or On-The-Go!

Contacts call center operators even if you can’t push the button or are unable to speak, on-the-go or at home Water-resistant wear it in the shower! Most slip and fall accidents happen in the bathroom

Built-in GPS Location Tracking!

Sends your location directly to the call center

Find Me Location Tracking!

Family members can easily find and track the
user’s location with a cell phone anytime from anywhere

Charging Dock and Car Charger Included!

Built-in re-chargeable battery with7 day battery use
Sends user and emergency contacts a low battery alert
No set-up ready to use right out of the box!

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