Protect your home with Live Video Monitoring Systems!

Security Cameras for Home ( wireless camera system )
September 20, 2017
Keep an eye on your Pets with Live Video Monitoring Systems
September 20, 2017

Protect your home with Live Video Monitoring Systems!

When it comes to the safety of our most valuable possessions, we never compromise. But when we need to protect our home or business while away on work or vacation, locks and safes are not enough. It may come as a surprise to you that home burglaries are most common in business complexes and apartments where people believe it is protected enough by just locking the front door. In reality, not having alarm and security system in your home or office increases the chances of a burglary. According to the SafeWise Report of 2016, a home burglary occurs in North America approximately every 15 seconds. Most of these are done in broad daylight in homes without security systems and alarms. The Burglary Rate by State below shows the top five states with the highest number of home burglaries per one million people.

1 New Mexico 1,046.0
2 Arkansas 835.7
3 Louisiana 824.5
4 Alabama 819.0
5 Mississippi 813.3

With the current statistics of home burglaries, the prospects of recovery of stolen property is really low when people do not take proactive measures where they can.

Last year, a home burglary was in progress in Florida while the home owner was watching it live and reporting the incident details to the police. The thieves were caught just in time. This was all thanks to the Live Video Monitoring System that captured the thieves on the security system and relayed the video to the owner who was at work miles away from home. They were ransacking her house in broad daylight because they knew the home owner was at work. When the owner received the emergency signal that her home was being burgled, she called the police at once and described the intruders. The police were at the scene in minutes and caught the thieves red-handed.

Thus, our ultra-affordable and easy to set up Live Video Monitoring system can help you protect your home and property even when you are miles away. It can be customised to suit different types of houses like an apartment, bungalow, business venture or even your vacation home in another city. Protect your home today with the Live Video Monitoring home security system and put your mind at ease!

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