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Wi-Fi Outdoor Day/Night Vision Camera
September 22, 2017


$174.95 $149.95

1st Month Service Plan Included, 21.95/Mo (72 Cents a Day)

24/7 Emergency Help Simply Push the Button!
Home or on-the-go with an active lifestyle it travels with you
2-way voice speak and listen to an operator who assists you
and stays on the line with you, until help arrives!
Ideal for anyone who has a medical condition or who lives alone
Fall detection, shower safe, GPS location tracking and more
Cellular operation no set-up it’s ready to use out of the box

The Smallest Medical Emergency Alert Available Today!
Comfortable to wear or carry designed for total mobility

2-way voice speak and listen to an emergency operator who will assist you,
sends emergency help and calls your emergency contacts.
If the call button is pushed and user is unable to speak operators send help!

Operators stay on the line until help arrives and can add a contact to the call.
Alerts emergency contacts by text message when the call button is pushed!

GPS location tracking sends the users location to the emergency call center.
Find Me location tracking allows family members to find and track the users
location with their cell phone anytime from anywhere!

Fall detection at home or on-the-go contacts emergency operators even if
you can’t push the button or are unable to speak. Water-resistant wear it in
the shower where most slip and fall accidents happen!

*Requires our Service Plan to operate see the Service Plan tab above

While StaySafeMobile has no contract or cancellation fees, all subscribers
to our Service Plan sign a Terms of Service agreement which includes
a list of all emergency contacts and medical history before activation.

*How to Activate your StaySafeMobile Learn More…


  • Works at home or when your on-the-go!
  • Loud clear 2-way voice communication
  • No need to hold it to your ear or mouth
  • Cellular powered by a nationwide network
  • GPS location tracking sent to call center
  • Find Me location tracking, family members can find the users location with cell phone
  • Fall detection at home or on-the-go!
  • Water-resistant wear it in the shower
  • Built-in re-chargeable battery with 7 day battery use per charge, low battery alerts
  • Charging dock and car charger included
  • Lightweight weighs only 1.2 oz.
  • No set-up ready to use out of the box!

Comfortable to wear or carry designed for total mobility Dimensions: 2.4”h x 1.7”w

3 reviews for StaySafeMobile

  1. Grace Herschel – Katy, TX

    I am a 70 year old and live alone. I use a treadmill and take long walks. I often use to worry and think about what would happen if I had a medical emergency or any emergency and nobody could hear me yell for help. Now I always wear my alert and I feel so much safer.

  2. Dr. Gary Marshall, MD – Portland Oregon

    As a physician who takes care of many senior citizens, and as I senior citizen myself, every time I care for one of my patients who fell or had a stroke or heart attack, and they would come into the ER critically ill because nobody discovered their predicament for an entire day, I would think of only two things – first, none of this would have happened and they could have recovered if they were wearing a stay safe mobile pendant, and second, I’m glad that I myself is wearing one.

  3. LiveVideo Monitor

    My 69 year old mother slipped on the ice in her driveway getting the mail, if it were not for this product no one would have found her and her condition could have been much more serious than it was. She pushed the emergency button and the operator got her help, called me and I was even able to let me speak to her through the pendant and calm her down.

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