Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

MonitorMultiple Locations!

View all locations on one screen there’s no additional login Monitor your home and elderly loved ones living alone Check-in on your vacation home when you’renot there

The only monitoring system to include this feature!

Example: You purchase 2 cameras,place 1 camera in your home and the other in Florida to monitor your elderly parents. Based on our affordable service plan for 2 cameras its costs only $6.72 a month for each location and all of our features are included!

How does it work?

The system supports up-to 8cameras, place cameras in multiple locations with a total of up-to 8wireless cameras for alllocations

What’s needed for set-up?

  • You need an Internet Wi-Fi Connectionat the new location
  • Purchase an additionalcamera(s) plug-it-in and then simply set-it-up via the App.No additional set-up steps required!
  • Arm and Disarm security for locations via the App remotely
  • Add an additional location to your video system at anytime

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