Keep a watch over your child and your nanny with Nanny Cam by Live Video Monitoring Systems!

Revolutionise Senior Care with Medical Alert Systems by Live Video Monitor
September 20, 2017

Keep a watch over your child and your nanny with Nanny Cam by Live Video Monitoring Systems!

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When it comes to the safety of our children and their well being at home with their caretaker, parents often find it difficult to be at peace when unsure of what going on when they are not at home. Of course, it can be scary to leave your child’s safety in the hands of a seemingly innocent stranger and trust them when you are away when social media terrifies you all the time with horrible nanny stories about neglect and abuse. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, an analysis of crimes committed against children by child care providers and caretakers shows that nannies are responsible for 4.2 percent of the reported criminal offences against children under age 6.

Being aware of the various law-breaking, abusive and negligent caretakers is not enough to protect your child from such danger. Only by catching the caretaker in the act and promptly reporting them to the proper authorities before anything bad happens can we make our neighbourhood safe and keep our peace of mind where our children our concerned. The Nanny Cam security systems by Live Video Monitor helps families keep an eye on their children and caretakers at home. You can watch a live stream of your home on any electronic device and contact them through video chatting at any time, at the press of a button.

In families where one or both parents are out often due to work or other matters, it can be difficult to connect and spend enough time with your child when away from home. With the help of the Nanny Cam, your caretaker can not only operate the video-calling mechanism on the security system but also keep you in touch with your child from miles away. This is especially useful to watch your child play around the house with the caretaker on busy days.

Thus, our ultra-affordable and easy to set up Live Video Monitoring system can help you monitor your children at home with the nanny and caretakers even when you are miles away at work or vacation. The monitoring system can be customised to suit different alerts depending on the size of the family and type of access needed. Keep in touch with your children and their caretakers at the touch of a button today with the Live Video Monitoring security system and put your mind at ease!

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