Important Facts about Security Video Verification

Important Facts about Security Video Verification

Important Factsabout Security Video Verification

Burglaralarm calls to police typically receive a “priority 3”response time, withVideo Verification youtypically receive a “priority 1” response time. Dispatcher calls to the respondersare classified asan “In Progress” event. Some policedepartments require video verification prior to dispatching!

How Does Video Verification Work

When the camera motion sensor is armed it detectsactivity. You receive a security alerton your cell phone with a recorded video of the activity. View it and respond appropriately, is it a security issue or false alarm! You can also click on the App for live video and startle intruders with our 2-way voice feature. They’ll know you’re watching and paying attention!

  • Security alerts let you know if there’s a potentially dangerous situation before you enter your home, apartment or business!