How it Works

How it Works

How it Works:

Call Us: 1-888-209-5033

1. Simply Push the Button

If the call button is pushed
and user is unable to speak
operators will send help!

2. Speak to an Operator

Operators stay on the line
until help arrives and can
add a contact to the call


3. Emergency Help is sent

If necessary emergency help
is sent and responders told
of medical history on file

If you just need a little help operators call emergency contacts without the drama of an ambulance Operators have your location and contact information of emergency responders closest to you

4. Operator

calls the emergency contacts and notifies them of emergency call and status

5. Instant Alerts:

contacts also receive a text-message when the call button is pushed

6. Find Me:

location tracking allows family members to find the users location from their cell phone

Requires our 72 cents a day No Contract Service Plan to Operate Learn More…