What are the Advantages of StaySafeMobile?

StaySafeMobile is always with you, simply push a button and speak to an emergency operator. In an emergency every second counts! Operators will know who you are, your location and medical history. They stay on the line until help arrives, call emergency contacts and can even add an emergency contact to the call. Emergency contacts also receive a text-message when the emergency button is pushed to notify them that there is an emergency, all unlike 911!

Who does the monitoring?

A medical alert system is only as good as the 24/7 emergency call center that backs it up. StaySafe works closely with our USA-based monitoring partner to create a network of highly reliable emergency response centers. All operators are Certified Emergency Medical Technicians and speak both English and Spanish clearly.

What happens if the call to the emergency operator is dropped?

Don’t worry! StaySafeMobile is connected directly to the monitoring center. If the call or connection is somehow dropped the operator will call back the user to establish two-way voice communication.

What is GPS location tracking?

StaySafeMobile features GPS (Ground Positioning System) that sends your location directly to the call center, and is the only system that features FindMe location tracking. It allows family members to find the user’s location any time using their cell phone.

How does fall detection work?

Falls are the leading cause of injuries to seniors, we use the most advanced fall detection technology available today. It works at home or while you’re out and contacts emergency operators when you can’t push the button or unable to speak. It’s water-resistant and can be used in the bathroom or shower where most slip and fall accidents occur. Although water-resistant due to having advanced electronics inside it’s not 100% water-proof and shouldn’t be submerged in water.

Will I pay more if I use the service more or set it off accidentally?

No! There’s never a charge for calls placed or false alarms, just tell the emergency operator you accidentally set it off.

What happens if I can’t find my StaySafeMobile?

If it’s misplaced simply call us, we can find it using the GPS tracking and if necessary “ping it” causing it to let out a beep so you can locate it.

Are there any fees for cellular service?

After you purchase your StaySafeMobile device you pay only $21.95 a month (72 cents a day) which covers all cellular service for 2-way voice and emergency operator service. Your credit card will be charged on the first of the month for that month’s service plan subscription. We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Save up-to 50% and more on competitors pricing with No Hidden Costs!

StaySafe is the most affordable medical alert on the market today! Compare our pricing to others. Some tell you free use of equipment and charge you high monthly service fees of up-to $55 a month without all our features.
If you don’t return it they can charge you up-to $200 for it.
With StaySafe you only pay only $79.95 for the StaySafe pendant and only $21.95 a month for service. Let’s do the math, theirs cost $55 a month x 12 months = $660 a year. StaySafe $21.95 a month x 12 months = $263 a year you save $437 a year!