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About us

About Us:

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                                  You’re there…Even when you’re not!
We offer two affordable solutions that provide security for your home and family, or personal safety for your elderly loved ones

LiveVideoMonitor: View live video on your cell phone anytime from anywhere, 2-way audio talk and listen while watching live video. Monitor your home, the kids, elderly loved ones or pets.

Save up-to $600.00 a year with Do-It-Yourself Security!
Security companies can charge over $2000 for home security with long term contracts and high cost monthly service fees. LiveVideoMonitor can provide you with home security for as little as .39 cents a day, with no contract or cancellation fees!

There’s No Middleman, We Pass the Savings on to You!
We sell direct to you online, and our wireless system is easy to self-install. Simply plug the camera into any electrical outlet and then set-it-up via our phone App, no other steps are required.

24/7 Emergency Help with the Simple Push of a Button!
StaySafeMobile Medical Alert: 2-Way voice speak and listen to the emergency operator. Cellular operation with nationwide cellular coverage. Home or on-the-go with an active lifestyle it travels with you…wherever you go! Ideal for anyone who has a medical condition, live alone or wants security in the event of a home invasion. Location tracking, fall detection and more!