10 Things You Can Do to Secure Your Home

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September 20, 2017
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September 20, 2017

10 Things You Can Do to Secure Your Home

Burglaries in the United States are becoming more and more commonplace–every fifteen seconds, a home in America is broken into. A large proportion of burgularies happen when the homeowners are not at home. Whether you need to work a 9-5 job or simply need to run a few errands, the damage, stress, and worry of a potential home robbery is simply not worth the burden. Here are 10 things you can do to secure your home.

1. Watch the Power

Most homes these days are equipped with an electric-door garage–what you do not realize is that this convenient feature may be an easy way for burglars to break in to your home. Ask your local electrician to add a lock on your electricity power supply to prevent anyone from tampering with your power supply at home. Make sure that your garages are properly secured and cannot be opened with a traditional lever opener tool.

2. The Old-Fashioned Lock

Even if you are leaving for a few minutes, make sure your home is properly secured. Most thieves and robbers are opportunists–they are waiting and hoping for a unlocked home. Most burglars do not have the skill to physically pick a lock or break through a door, so the old-fashioned lock is still very much effective

3. It’s Not Just the Doors

Almost 30% of burglaries reported that the burglar utilized an unlocked window. Many homeowners neglect to refurnish their window security system; homes in the U.S often have window security systems that are not up to date: locks are often worn, ineffective and many windows are simply left unlocked. Make sure your locks have updated solid-core deadlocks to ensure the best defenses for you

4. Neighbors matter

Your neighbors can surprisingly be the strongest line of defense you can have–get to know them. Having conscientious people around your home when you are not around is incredibly useful in terms of security. When you live in a closer community, there is a higher chance that they will look out for and report suspicious activity occurring around your home and your neighborhood. And make sure you return the favor!

5. Keep It Safe

As much as it seems like common sense, the majority of homes do not have a safe installed. Safes are a convenient, secure and low-cost way to keep your valuables safe. Jewelry and other small valuables are the number one target for thieves looking to make quick cash. Thus, a safe is a really good investment for the value that it costs.

6. Not The Master

Upon breaking in the home, over 65% of robbers go straight to the master bedroom–and they usually profit. Most people do not take the precaution to put away valuables and most are laying in plain sight. Try and spread out your valuable items and store them in other rooms in the house. Do not put all your eggs in one Basket and make it easy for the burglars.

7. Burglars Do Not Take Vacations

When leaving on extended trips, make sure your home is still secure. Ask your neighbors to pick up your mail for you–mail left accumulating on the driveway is a tale-tell sign that you and your family are absent. Also attach timers on the lights to the living room or another room that is easily visible from the drive way. Set the timers to turn on the lights starting from 6pm to give the appearance that people are home.

8. Make Yourself Inaccessible

Put yourself in the shoes of a burglar; how would you access your own home? Make sure your sheds and ladders cannot be used to access the main house. Police have also reported cases in which garden tools, which were left outside, were used to smash the windows of the home. Really evaluate your home for these leads; Robbers will always choose the home that makes their job easiest.

9. Just In Case

Make a list of your valuables (especially jewelry and electronic devices) with photos and listed values. In case of a robbery, it makes it easier f0r the police to list damages and for your insurance company to start on your case. Always inventorize and document your more precious possesions

10. Install An Anti-Burglary System

The average damage of the typical home burglary in the United States is $2,251. Moreover, less than 14% of home burglary times are ever solved due to lack of evidence and suspects. The smartest solution? A home burglary system. The numbers and stats confirm that using a monitor system such as Live Video Monitor can help protect your valuables and your families. It is the most affordable provider–peace of mind should not have to cost you a fortune.

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