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Best Live Monitoring Solutions Providers

Deter crime and help secure your business at a fraction of the cost of guards with live remote surveillance.

Oops.. You missed the offer. However, you can still know more about our services and discount by filling the form.

Offer Service

Specialized in Store monitoring. We keep an eye on your employees for you.

Employee Live Survalliance

Control of employees and work processes in the company and the business of any size.

Temporary & Mobile Monitoring Units

For these temporary and hard-to-reach sites, Stealth offers mobile, site-powered options.

Surveillance for Home

Sometimes it can lead to unpleasant or even tragic consequences. 

Analytics & Protocol enforcement

Ensure compliance with safety regulations and company policies with our remote monitoring cameras and speaker systems

Why Should Choose Us?

We understand security. That’s why we provide such systems that detect and prevent any mishappening in real-time, all day long.

24/7 Live Monitoring

Employee Supervision

Vehicle Monitoring

Crime Deterrence

Inventory management

Video Archive

Virtual Guards

Save Money – less than Security Guards

We Provide The World's Best CCTV Video Surveillance Service.

We provide a 24 hours a day video monitoring service to help keep your business secure.

With our 24/7 monitoring, you’re never far from the comfort of knowing your home is safe. Our expertly trained agents will keep you up to date with any suspicious activity that occurs on your premises.

Live CCTV video monitoring is not only an effective deterrent to criminal activity, but also provides evidence should the need arise.

The best part? Live CCTV video monitoring is extremely affordable, so you’ll get the same coverage as those much more expensive companies that charge thousands per month.

We Have Received Tons of Awesome Testimonials

See yourself what our clients says.

Livevideo monitor is a leading provider of intelligent video security solutions. Their software helps retailers monitor their liquor store, deter theft, improve staff efficiency and customer satisfaction. The company uses advanced analytics and AI to detect events of interest like thefts. The software then helps retailers identify the cause and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Roger Pitt Owner

I am a Liquor store owner & decided to install CCTV cameras at the store to deter theft and provide security to the customers. The main problem I faced was theft of merchandise. I would not be present in the store and there was no one to monitor the store. Thanks to Live Video Monitor, I was able to deter this crime and increased the profits.

Bright Robb Store Owner

    Best Live Video Monitoring Solutions Providers​

    Trusted by 1000 clients

    The Live Video Monitor is the most effective facility risk management tool available on the market today.  Innovative and forward-thinking companies trust us to secure and manage their facilities.

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